Big Blue Wants Green

Kentucky has really attacked the Florida high school powerhouses this season and it only continued when Big Blue extended an offer to Sam Green of Plant City High School in Plant City, Florida. The Wildcats join Rutgers, South Florida, Cincinnati and Memphis. Listed at 6-foot-1 and 190 pounds, Green has the size to play safety on the next level. The exodus of the secondary next season can’t be more obvious when you look at all of the safeties that UK is targeting. It will be interesting to see who we sign to play the position.



  • GA TE Kurt Freitag will commit on September 10th to either Florida, Florida State, Miami (FL) or Alabama. UK had offered.

UK is Looking to Improve the Gameday Experience

UK is looking to improve the football gameday experience and they want your help! All you have to do is go to the provided link and you’ll see a screen like the one below. All you have to do is follow the on screen instructions and you will be done. I would advise everyone to be completely honest and if you haven’t been to a UK football game, then you probably won’t have as much to offer. Just sayin’. Go HERE.

Sleep With One Eye Open, Southern Miss

Kentucky is engaged in a vicious tug-of-war with another football program. Kentucky has offered four of their commitments and they would take any one of them if they could. The school in question is Southern Mississippi. It started with AL OL Robert Leff and soon, FL ATH Stanley Tart was roped  into it. Then, this week, two more prospects joined the ranks. I mentioned earlier this week that AL S Derrick Moncrief has received an offer from Kentucky and now,  Kentucky is targeting a defensive tackle. Dalvin Craft is a teammate of another defensive tackle prospect with a Kentucky offer, Tyler Nero. The middle men attend Escambia County High School in Alabama.  Craft also has offers from Memphis, Duke and of course Southern Mississippi. At 6-foot-3 and 285 pounds, Dalvin possesses the size and stature to make a difference in the Southeastern Conference and after today’s news; defensive tackles are needed now more than ever.



  • The news that I alluded to earlier is that news made its way around today that defensive tackle signee, David Washington, will attend a Junior College this fall. After the loss of Brice Laughlin and the uncertainty surrounding Donte Rumph, Mark Crawford and Mister Cobble, it puts the Cats in a precarious situation. Look for them to take one or two more in class.
  • It sounds like Kentucky has not let up with SC DE Tyler Knox and the Cats are working their way back in according to Palmetto Sports.
  • SC OT Jonathon McLaughlin will continue to be evaluated by the likes of Kentucky, Vanderbilt and Georgia in hopes of landing a scholarship offer.
  • GA OT Zach Gordon committed to the Wake Forest Demon Deacons over Stanford, Kentucky and others. While tight end wasn’t a big need, Gordon possesses the measurements and abilities to make an immediate impact in the Southeastern Conference.
  • Recent offeree, Derrick Moncrief, claims to be a commitment for Southern Mississippi but he recently listed his top three as Arkansas, Mississippi State and Kentucky. I’m as confused as you are.
  • FL QB Tyler Cameron will announce his college destination next Tuesday. The finalists are South Florida, Illiniois, LSU and Purdue.

SEC Commissioner Takes Media Day by Storm

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Even before Southeastern Conference commissioner Mike Slive took the stage, everyone at SEC Media Days, followers on Twitter and beyond were abuzz about the message that he would deliver at the opening of the July 20th Media Day. Word circulated that Slive would stick it to the NCAA (and he sort of did in a subtle way) in his opening speech and everyone was all ears. Instead, Mike Slive took the high road and proposed how he would change not only the Southeastern Conference, but the college athletics game in general. Mr. Slive wants to move forward with three rule adoptions and the continuance of another practice.

  1. “Strengthen academic eligibility requirements for incoming freshmen and two-years transfers.” – Increasing the eligibility requirements for prospective student-athletes. This means following the academic progress of athletes from their freshmen year of high school up until the point of graduation. It means a full evaluation of transcripts, which would ultimately increase the process. Included in increasing eligibility requirements is the mandatory GPA changing from a 2.0 to a 2.5 on a 4.0+ scale. As I understand, Slive has the ability to make this change within his conference, but not the NCAA as a whole. Any adoption by the NCAA would have to be voted upon. Should the SEC move forward with this change, borderline student-athletes would begin choosing other conferences that do not impose a similar regulation. Mike did say that partial qualifiers would be included; which means a student athlete can get into an institution under the old rules, but could only practice during his or her first year on campus. Freshmen have been allowed to compete since the 1972 season. Prior to that season, they could only practice and were required to sit out a year like a transfer would today.
  2.  “Modernize the recruiting rules.” – Commissioner Slive also wants to “modernize recruiting.” This means allowing coaches to communicate with prospective student-athletes freely via social media such as: Twitter, Facebook and text messaging. Slive stated that differences already exist whether it is climate, history, stadiums or otherwise. It is time to standardize things according to Slive. Instead of having quiet periods and dead periods and evaluation periods and yada yada yada, standardize things. If a coach is allowed to recruit and see a player off-campus then let him recruit. A school like Kentucky recruits a lot of players from Florida in football, but their communication is inhibited because they can’t talk to the recruits every time they are down there. As a recruiter, you have to frequent an area though. It builds a relationship, but a lot of those visits didn’t even result in face to face interaction between the recruiter and prospect. Standardize the rules and make it more fair all year round.
  3. “Redefine the benefits available to our student-athletes.” – Slive also called for student-athletes to receive additional benefits. They currently get tuition, room and board and a monthly stipend. Slive wants to expand on that to include: health insurance, travel expenses, medical (covered by health insurance?), emergency expenses, clothing and certain things not covered previously. The Commissioner additionally put emphasis on the student in student-athlete. Currently, scholarship players have six years to complete their four seasons of competition. Slive wants to extend that, so that the student-athlete has time to come back later in their lives to complete their degree. Also, as things stand now, a scholarship can only be offered on a year-to-year basis. The new recommendation would make scholarships a multi-year agreement pending the correct behavioral and academic requirements are met. If a player does not pan out, then it is the fault of the head coach and the player is not hurt.

Commissioner Slive also called for the continued efforts to enforce rules and regulations.

  1. “Continue to support the NCAA’s efforts to improve the enforcement process.” – This one is pretty self explanatory. Slive wants to make sure things are still evaluated and handled appropriately and efficiently. However, in addition, Commissioner Slive wants to redefine what constitutes a “secondary” and “major” violation. He says that all violations are considered a problem and should be dealt with as such.

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UK Football Fans – Read

Football season is just around the corner and I found some good literature to tie you over.

Coach Cal Making Waves

You couldn’t honestly think that Coach Cal was going to sit back and wait for everyone to pass him up on the recruiting trail. If you did, you can find a descriptor in the dictionary listed under “naive.” Calipari has been all over the country in July and prospects have taken notice. The great thing about Coach Cal is that he gets who he wants, so he focuses on a handful of guys and recruits them hard. You can find some of those guys below.