Does KY ATH Have an Offer?

According to an article from’s Brian Eldridge, Central HS (KY) ATH Tajh Milliken has an offer from the Wildcats. His other offers are from Eastern Kentucky and Western Kentucky. I could see him having a walk-on spot, but a scholarship? I’m a little cautious to believe that one with so many top options left and high on UK. His future is probably at wide receiver. His position at Central is quarterback.

  • Kentucky’s Ronnie Shields is moving from tight end to safety according to his Twitter account (@80_steps_ahead). He said earlier today that his account was hacked yesterday. Not sure if that means he is going back on the statement or something else.
  • FL OT Jordan Swindle visited Louisville yesterday, Kentucky today and West Virginia tomorrow. Those are the three schools vying for his signature.
  • Georgia Tech offered GA OT Will Adams at their camp recently according to the Atlanta Courier Journal. He is still considering UK and UL.

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2 thoughts on “Does KY ATH Have an Offer?

  1. jimlowe7 says:

    Ronnie Shields tweeted about where he was listed on a VIDEO GAME as a safety, NOT on the actual UK team (where he is still a TE). People don’t pay attention!!

    • Ronnie Shields himself never mentioned the move being on a video game before or after what he Tweeted. Kent Spencer was actually the one who clarified the matter. You are right in the sense that he was having a little fun and will still be playing tight end in a Kentucky uniform this fall. A lesson can be learned from this though, you can’t always take the word of a college kid. Read with caution. Thank you for bringing that up though, Jim. I thought I snuck that in somewhere, but I guess I hadn’t.

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