Former Michigan Signee on UK Radar?

Could Kentucky be in the market for another former Michigan offensive line commitment from the state of Florida? The player in this case made it a little further than Kentucky freshman, James Elliott. Elliott attended Pensacola Catholic HS in Florida and was the teammate of another Kentucky recruit.

Tony Posada is a freshman from Plant High School in Tampa, Florida. Posada had signed a letter-of-intent and enrolled at the University of Michigan, but shortly after joining the team; he decided it wasn’t for him. Could Kentucky be an option? Prior to signing with the Wolverine, Posada held an offer from Kentucky and many other Southeastern Conference programs. Kentucky taking on this talented player is just pure speculation, there are no rumors to suggest that it’s even a possibility.

My thinking is that Kentucky has a history of taking on talented transfers. It hasn’t worked out the best in every case, but the team is more receptive than some. In fact, the Wildcats are still awaiting word on former Ohio State defensive end, Keith Wells. Also, with the established connection and a history of Wildcat recruiting in the state of Florida, I wouldn’t rule it out. Florida guys seem to find their way back into the conference they grew up watching when given the opportunity.

With that said, Posada would have to sit out the standard one year for transferring to another BCS program. He still has a redshirt year, so he could join the team immediately and do everything but play the games. I will try to track down some info on who he might be considering on the rebound, but I thought I would put it out there.