Former Michigan Signee on UK Radar?

Could Kentucky be in the market for another former Michigan offensive line commitment from the state of Florida? The player in this case made it a little further than Kentucky freshman, James Elliott. Elliott attended Pensacola Catholic HS in Florida and was the teammate of another Kentucky recruit.

Tony Posada is a freshman from Plant High School in Tampa, Florida. Posada had signed a letter-of-intent and enrolled at the University of Michigan, but shortly after joining the team; he decided it wasn’t for him. Could Kentucky be an option? Prior to signing with the Wolverine, Posada held an offer from Kentucky and many other Southeastern Conference programs. Kentucky taking on this talented player is just pure speculation, there are no rumors to suggest that it’s even a possibility.

My thinking is that Kentucky has a history of taking on talented transfers. It hasn’t worked out the best in every case, but the team is more receptive than some. In fact, the Wildcats are still awaiting word on former Ohio State defensive end, Keith Wells. Also, with the established connection and a history of Wildcat recruiting in the state of Florida, I wouldn’t rule it out. Florida guys seem to find their way back into the conference they grew up watching when given the opportunity.

With that said, Posada would have to sit out the standard one year for transferring to another BCS program. He still has a redshirt year, so he could join the team immediately and do everything but play the games. I will try to track down some info on who he might be considering on the rebound, but I thought I would put it out there.


1 Down, 1 To Go (#19)

Kentucky finally broke through at Vigor HS (AL) last week, when they received a commitment from S Jacoby Glenn. Glenn could be the final safety taken in this class, but another is not out of the question with so many talented players left on the board. Jacoby will play alongside former teammate, Eric Dixon, in Lexington, when he arrives next fall. The tandem is hoping at least one more current Wolf joins them. JaMichael Winston is a highly coveted player at a heavily coveted position for the Wildcats. The Cats will continue to pursue him to fill a need. Glenn is a wiry 6-foot-1 and 175 pounds. He could also play cornerback on the next level. I seem to be in the minority believing that he is a safety.


Swindled (#20)

Kentucky has landed what they project as an offensive tackle. Standing at 6-foot-8 and weighing in at 305 pounds, Jordan Swindle of Creekside HS (FL) is the prototypical offensive tackle that the staff has been looking for. Swindle is their sixth offensive line commitment, joining Zach Myers, Jon Toth, Jordan Watson, TJ Jones and Darone Bailey. Of the five, only Toth and Jones project at offensive tackle, although Toth could end up inside.  Swindle becomes Kentucky’s 20th commitment in the 2012 recruiting class. The Cats are expected to take 25 in this class.

A wide receiver, running back, defensive linemen and linebackers are likely to fill out the class. Although, I wouldn’t rule out five more offensive linemen.



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Jacoby Glenn Has Committed

I’m not at my computer, but Vigor HS (AL) DB Jacoby Glenn has committed to the Kentucky football team. Glenn is 6-1, 172 pounds. He is a teammate of UK DE target JaMichael Winston and former teammate of UK CB Eric Dixon. He is also the 19th commitment to date.

Where Things Stand

Above is the list of our current commitments. Offensive commitments are white in blue lettering, defensive are blue in white lettering and special teams is white in black lettering. We have 18 commitments, so where do things go from here?

The Cats have 23 open positions, but with attrition, expect a full class of 25. That leaves 7 spots open as of now. Things occasionally don’t work out with current commitments, but for now, this is what we have to work with.

The Cats want at least one safety, one big time wide receiver, one running back and one linebacker. But what about the other three spots and who are the likely candidates to fill those slots?


1-2 RB: Shadrach Thornton, Anthony Wales, Kenno Loyal

  • Ideally, I think UK would like to take Thornton and Anthony Wales. Wales’ versatility could lead him to CB in the future.

1-2 LB: Tyler Drake, Tre Banks, Ey’Shawn McClain, Deion Jones

  • I can almost guarantee that Ey’Shawn ends up as a Wildcat as long as he has an offer. He was grateful for an opportunity to play in the SEC. The staff really like Tre Banks. It’s mutual, but he’s got a few options. Tyler Drake is very high on the Cats as well. Not sure where Deion stands, but the Cats are at least still in contention. Ideally, end up with two here.

1-2 WR: Monty Madaris, MeKale McKay, Kedrick Davis, Blake Tibbs, JD Harmon

  • My obvious choice would be Monty Madaris or MeKale McKay. I was told that Kedrick would stick with North Carolina. MeKale’s interest seems to have faded for whatever reason. Monty has a lot of options, so he would be a tough pull, but he loves Coach Tee.

1-2 DL: Christian Brown, Jordan Washington, Tyler Knox, Adolphus Washington, Trae Clark, JaMichael Winston, Denzel Whitfield

  • Again, there is a lot of talent on this list. You really can’t go wrong. I’d say Adolphus and Trae are out. The others are really anyone’s guess. We have a commitment from Tyler Knox’s teammate, TJ Jones. Christian Brown is very high on UK, but his teammate Ta’Jarvis Fuller is currently committed to Illinois and they want to play together. There is a lot of mutual interest in JaMichael Winston, but he’s got some other options as well. Jordan Washington is a name that not a lot of Kentucky fans have heard of, but he’s a guy that you want as defensive tackle. His coach, Bob Sphire, has a lot of connections in the state of Kentucky.

1-2 S: DeVonta Staples, Cole Champion, Sam Green, Kolby Gray, Derrick Moncrief, Ta’Jarvis Fuller

  • Probably take one here and I don’t really care which. There is so much talent in this list. Whichever pops first and at this time, I’m putting my money on DeVonta Staples within the next couple of weeks.

0-1 CB: Torren McGaster

  • Quite possibly McGaster or bust here.
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Movement at Defensive End?

247sports is saying that a new offer has emerged onto the scene in Florida. Denzel Whitfield is a 6-foot-6, 240 pound defensive lineman from Jefferson County High School in Monticello, Florida. Kentucky is Whitfield’s first scholarship offer, but the Wildcats love his speed and playmaking ability. Each is an asset that UK covets as they try to ascend the Southeastern Conference ladder.



The BIGGEST news at the position is coming from the buzz around the beginning of Kentucky’s fall football camp. It is being reported that a defensive end transfer from the Ohio State University has decided that the next step in his life is to play at the University of Kentucky. As I understand it, Keith Wells would be able to play with the team this fall if things check out academically. If not, look for him to use this season to practice with the team and do some work in the classroom. Wells is originally from Gainesville High School in Gainesville, Georgia.